About Sub-Surface Technologies

Sub-Surface Technologies (SST) is a civil construction and residential construction material supplier in the United Kingdom. SST was founded in 2004 by three partners who collectively have over 60 years of experience in helical piling. SST is the exclusive importer of CHANCE® Helical Piling Systems, including the patented CHANCE® Helical Pulldown™ Micropile for the Civil Construction market.

In addition, SST is the sole importer of Hydraway® Drainage Systems.

Sub-Surface Technologies is a British company with a warehousing facility located in Alnwick, Northumberland, England. SST stocks the most commonly used items and operates an extremely efficient supply chain for all other items.

SST provides technical support and back up.

Our Products

Sub-Surface Technologies primarily distributes:

CHANCE® and Hydraway® products may only be installed by licensed and certified installers. Companies interested in being certified are invited to contact SST. Please click on the relevant field above to see a list of currently licensed installers.

CHANCE® Piling Systems

The CHANCE® Piling System is perfect for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential applications, including: new and remedial home construction, new and remedial commercial structures, soil retention, communication towers, railways and highway construction.

The Chance Helical Piling System has more agency approvals than any other piling system.

Hydraway® Drainage Systems

The patented Hydraway® Drain is an environmentally friendly subsurface geocomposite drainage system that removes water from soils and relieves the hydrostatic pressure against subsurface structures. Water from the saturated soil passes through a filter fabric, enters the core, and is conveyed to an outlet pipe. Hydraway is an engineered alternative to conventional pipe and rock systems.