Hydraway Drainage System


Advantages of the Patented Hydraway® Sports Drainage System

Whether it is new natural turf field construction or the renovation of an existing field, Hydraway® 2000 is the preferred choice because:

  • Highest “inflow” rates: (Water is able to penetrate the Hydraway® 2000 drain extremely fast). Over 90% of the drain is permeable. Water enters the drain for fast quick drainage
  • Narrow Trenches: Installation can be done in trenches as narrow as 50mm
  • Quick installation: The Hydraway®  System can be installed faster than traditional “rock and pipe systems” which means huge labor savings
  • Lower cost: Cost per lineal foot is less than that of traditional “French drain systems”
  • Non-clogging: Hydraway® 2000 utilizes a 4.5 non-woven needle punched fabric. This fabric is specified by many National Highway Agencies! The fabric is specially designed to allow in water at high rates yet will not “clog or build-up” due to heavy clays in the surrounding surface

Consider the Possibilities:

  • Faster drainage means the courses re-open more quickly
  • Won’t fail due to construction loading
  • Ease of installation. A simple trench machine will do the job or you can hire specialty turf contractors who have equipment that will install Hydraway®  2000 in a narrow 50mm” trench up to 1,000 linear meters per day

Successful Hydraway® Drainage System applications include:

  • Golf Fairways
  • Clay-based golf greens
  • Golf tees and bunkers
  • Football pitches
  • Rugby pitches
  • Cricket outfields
  • School playing fields
  • Lawn tennis courts
  • Bowling greens
  • Athletics stadiums
  • Parks, estates, and private gardens
  • Cemeteries
  • Highways
  • Car parks
  • Airports

Hydraway® installers provide a complete service covering site surveys, drainage design and installation.

Civil Applications

The Hydraway® system can also be used for a wide variety of civil applications where drainage is necessary. It can be used under airports, any paved surfaces such as highways and car parks, planters, railroads, bridge abutments, and inlets.

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