Synthetic Turf Athletic Field

Hydraway® has been installed in many synthetic grass fields worldwide. Hydraway® 2000 is the preferred choice when installing synthetic turf.

Hydraway® 2000 is the preferred choice for many reasons:

Highest “inflow” rates

  • Water is able to penetrate the Hydraway® 2000 drain extremely fast.
  • Over 90% of the drain is permeable.

Narrow Trenches

  • Installation can be done in trenches as narrow as 50mm

Quick installation

  • The Hydraway®  System can be installed faster than traditional “rock and pipe systems” entailing huge labor savings
  • No need to trench the subsurface. Typical “French” drain systems need deep and wide trenches to work effectively

Lower cost

  • Cost per linear foot is less than that of traditional “French drain systems”


  • Hydraway® 2000 utilizes a 4.5 non-woven punched fabric. The fabric is specially designed to allow in water at high rates yet will not “clog or build-up” due to heavy clays in the surrounding surface

Highest compressive strengths

  • Will not crush under the extreme weight of the stone and compaction

High Compressive Strengths